čtvrtek 21 2014

Oh, the travels...

I'm sorry but I've been silent for far too long. And I really HAVE tried to ignore it. Despite their constant reminders. Well, today I resigned. My patience is gone and I feel I need to reflect this somehow.

It is a phenomenon almost as old as our civilization. Tourists. But I don't men the tourists that come to your city (usually to ask for the right direction) and spend some time and money there. No. I love those. They're cool, interesting, wonderful, friendly and they have the money to spend. The tourists I hate are my friends and relatives. Of course they're not known as tourists here, they have to travel to gain that name. And travel they do. Which is OK by the way. However, there is absolutely no need for traveling to places I'd... Well, that are so... That look so... Foreign.

Although that is still not the worst thing. Because the ultimately most hateful fact is that those people don't just have memories of the places, they have photos too. And they share them via social sites so anyone (including me) could see them.

Let it be clear that I don't have anything against different countries and culture. I just don't want to know about them. Call me a nationalist but I prefer the country where I was born - the Czech Republic. I know only our culture - the perfect, the best. And I refuse to learn any other language. My mother tongue (i.e. Czech) is everything I need. But when I see the pictures of Great Britain, France, Canada, North Africa, etc. I am upset.

And so I'd love to appeal to all those nice people traveling abroad: Don't take photos; don't remember anything about your stay (and if you do, under no circumstances let it be publicly known). You're risking my envy (and subsequently anger)...

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