And still they did not listen

I’m no expert. Yet if you asked me about beauty, I’d tell you there is some beauty in everything. And that there is no beauty in bad relationship; only stupidity and submission. But who am I to advise others?

I told you so – how nicely it sounds. With its literal meaning I told you so and you’re still an idiot and the real possibility that no more words will be required; it is the definitive killer phrase. We don’t ask questions in certain situations. Mostly because we don’t care about any possible answer. It’s surely not fair; however it’s the best solution nevertheless.

In order to have the right of saying the magical I told you so phrase, one has to fulfil certain conditions. First of all, he or she must tell the future idiot the warning or advice in a clear way. The message has to have the potential to be understood. Which brings us to the second condition. The idiot-to-be must ignore whatever we have said. Not knowing about it or not being able to follow it gives us no right of claiming the prize. And finally, the third condition. This one could be omitted but I would strictly warn you against doing that. It would take most of the pleasure away. The importance of saying the magic words in front of the actual idiot (again in clear and unmistakable way) is, as I hope, obvious.

Now, since you’ve learned what to do, you can go and tell the idiot yourself...