Student's elegy

There is usually silence. Not the absence of sound or noise, not even the Discworld’s heavy silence. This silence is a symbol of waiting. But we are not awaiting anything, no looking forward to some point in the time. We are waiting because we know something is going to happen. And there is neither joy, nor fear in the waiting. It is so weird that sometimes we don’t know if we’re still part of this world or whether we became observers from outside. In this we almost praise the exam period, ignoring everything red.

But after a while this beautiful something comes to an end and we suddenly gain tons of free time with a strong urge to invest it, to exchange it for some currency (ours would be nice) and under the best conditions of course. And that’s a problem. Not that there aren’t such offers, but they usually include something we cannot fulfil: the date when the job begins equals today; they want a girl; they require a driving license, which I never cared to get.

So we are praying to have some job and in the next minute we hope to have enough time for our own interests. Summer holidays are becoming the time when we are adults and we have to get some money. This preparation for our future isn’t complete yet. We graduated High school (some of us several years ago), have no experience and thus are able to find only non-qualified (or overqualified) job.
Once I was dreaming of earning money by writing. In my dream I would be famous and successful writer by now. Was leaving that dream behind really so necessary? How it could be if we will never know. Maybe it’s good because we cannot compare to ourselves. And comparing with others doesn’t make sense; we’re all unique and different.

Whatever happens the first day of a new month I know I will have to be satisfied with that.

I saw bricklayers. They are saving their work.