My crazy day in Brno

OK. So, there I was, sitting on a camp chair at one of the tribunes, along with hundreds of others. Sleepy and not knowing what the hell had happened. I remembered being in my bed, whispering good night to my pillow and all of sudden... Well, I somehow got up, dressed myself, I probably had a strong cup of coffee and then... A car. I do remember a car. Travelling to Brno, listening to some conversation... I thought all this had happened before. A year ago to be precise. Yes, that was it...


Grand Prix Czech republic MotoGP... I was desperately looking for someone to tell me what the hell was I doing there. Well, kids should be prepared to everything. They never know what they might become. And so when some years ago my uncle asked me whether I want to come with him to see MotoGP, I kind of agreed. You see, my uncle loves motorbikes and there was a chance that I would be the same.

But I am not. Don’t take me wrong, I have nothing against motorbikes. I just don’t have any (I actually have no driving license at all) and I don’t understand them. I never even tried. By the time I could be interested in such a thing, I discovered sci-fi, so I had no time for anything else. And even if people do change during their lives, the chance that I will chance so completely is nonexistent.

Despite that, I am going to Brno every year. Don’t ask me why, I haven’t figured it out yet. But one day I will. I promise. Unfortunately it wasn’t today. All I got was some inspiration for my writing, a serious hunger, huge thirst for another coffee and sunburn. It’s hard to decide whether I will go there next year or not. Some mysteries should stay that way. Well, they’re talking about quitting the MotoGP in the circuit anyway, so I might get along with it pretty well. We’ll see.